Mystery Solved! The Voice Of Siri Revealed!

Siri1(PCM) If you are a current iPhone user or have at least seen their commercials than you are at least somewhat familiar with the voice of Siri, Apples voice assistant and pop culture icon. There has been a lot of debate over Siri’s identity with many thinking that voice-over actress Allison Dufty was Siri, despite Dufty’s denial of involvement in the project. Well, now the mystery has finally been solved and it has been revealed that Georgia voice-over actress Susan Bennett is the real voice behind Siri. It has taken Bennett eight years to come forward as the voice of everyone’s favorite digital assistant and Bennett revealed to CNN, that she did a project for ScanSoft back in 2005, a company later accquired by Nuance who powers Siri and at the time had no idea that her voice would be used on the phones of millions of individuals all over the U.S. It was only when the iPhone 4s was released back in 2011 that friends of Bennett recognized her voice and clued the actress into to the fact that her voice was being used. Both Apple and Nuance have declined comment on the revelation to CNN, however an audio forensics specialist compared Bennetts’ voice to the one answering everyone’s questions via iPhone, iPad, etc and they are a 100% match.   Bennett’s voice can also be heard making announcements in airports and several other ad campaigns.