Mr. Clean Gets A Sexy New Makeover!

(PCM) The internet is on fire about Mr. Clean’s sexy new makeover which was revealed during the company’s 30 second spot during Super Bowl 51. The brief ad will probably go down as being one of the years most memorable and guess what? It was neither political or emotionally-charged! The ad featured a woman who finds herself becoming all hot and bothered while viewing the animated Mr. Clean character scrubbing various areas of her home. He even goes as a far as to pull off some rather sexy dance moves while mopping up a spot behind the sofa!  Animated Mr. Clean’s new outfit features a skin-tight t-shirt and pants that truly showcase his …umm.. assets!  Is it wrong to find ourselves sexually attracted to a cartoon character?

After the ad aired Twitter was abuzz with people commented on the spot. Below are some of the best reactions: