Most Popular Baby Names of 2011

So, what names have caught the attention of new mommy and daddys all over the US? Even though I personally think Allie should have been the most popular name of all, since it pretty much rocks. But, this year’s winners go to the “Jacobs” and “Sophias” of the world. The Social Security Administration revealed this data on Monday. Included in this information were the other runner-ups. Jacob topped the list for the 13th year in a row. The usual suspects such as Anthony and Michael dropped in popularity. What was one common name this year that made its star-studded debut? I will give you a hint – he is the only offspring of this family that has a name NOT starting with a “K.” I am referring to Kourtney Kardashian’s son MASON. Mason was actually the second name on the list, beating other ones like John, William, Jayden, Noah, Ethan, Alexander, Aiden, Matthew, David, and Michael. As for the ladies’ corner, Sophia takes the pretty pink cake. Or, baby rattle award. From 1996-2007 Emily was the running champion until such names like Emma and Isabella stepped in. This year’s list also included Chloe, Mia, Madison, Abigail, Ava and Olivia.