Monopoly Bids Farewell To One Of It’s Iconic Tokens

(PCM) The results from a massive online poll of Monopoly fans has been received and it has been revealed that the famous Hasbro board game will be losing it’s iconic thimble game play token moving forward, as it is being permanently removed from the game. Over four million people voted in what the company called the “Monopoly Token Madness” campaign during which Hasbro decided to allow game players to decide which eight game play tokens should be part of the games next generation. The voters were given over 50 options of various tokens to cast their vote including a T-Rex and a rubber ducky, as well as, the tried and true classic game play tokens such as the top hat, Scottie dog and shoe. We will just have to patient a little longer to find out just which token will be replacing the famous Monopoly thimble, as Hasbro plans to unveil all of the new game play tokens on World Monopoly Day which is set to take place on March 19. The next generation game boards will be available beginning in August, so if you were a huge fan of the thimble, be sure to get out there and grab a classic Monopoly board game set before it’s too late. Monopoly has gone through several updates over it’s 84 year existence, such a the inclusion of digital banking and various pop-culture themed editions. A major change took place with the game play tokens back in 2013 when yet again fans voted and the iron token was replaced with a cat charm token instead.