Modern Family Star is Divorcing Her Parents?

Given it is Wednesday, I felt a Modern Family post would be appropriate. Although there is wonderful harmony between the cast members on the show, it seems that Alex Dunphy does not have such a Pleasantville situation at home. Given she is trying to separate… from her parents! The 14-year-old Ariel Winter who plays Alex is dating Disney star boyfriend Cameron Palatas. Although the two look cute out and about in photos, there is a not so cute scenario going on behind-the-scenes. Winter is in the process of getting a divorce from parents Glenn and Crystal Workman, and is currently living with her unemployed sister Shanelle Workman. Apparently the reason stems from him being too old for her. Now, I understand Winter’s frustration here. She probably feels she is independent, making her own money, gaining popularity, and can lead the life she wants to. However, her “frustration” is all I agree with. If I divorced my parents anytime they disagreed with me, I’d be broke from a lot of lawsuits. She is a 14-year-old girl, of course her parents have concerns. I really can’t comment as I don’t know the conversations that have been had, but divorcing your parents seems a little… extreme? Just a bit? Well, according to this video… meeting her boyfriend was one of the best things to happen to her this year. I wish her much happiness with her boyfriend while at the same time, with her parents!