Modeling 101: How NOT to Be Unprofessional

In this day & age of the Internet, it’s ALL TOO EASY to call oneself a “model” when one is nothing of the sort. It seems, today, that a photo & a 3-second appearance in a video can lead people to believe that they are Claudia Schiffer. Would it be that this were the case. In the world of modeling, a PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE is as an important of a tool as a camera is to a photographer, and as a hair dryer is to a hair stylist. When one gets a bad reputation in modeling, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to shake it off. When one becomes blacklisted because of the bad reputation, it is both funny – and sad – at the same time. It’s too easy to forget that social media sites are frequently checked & observed by industry professionals and potential employers, but as KUSH’s recent statement proves (site NSFW), sometimes unprofessional models need a reality check. If you’re an aspiring model, read his statement & observe what NOT to do.