Miss New York Crowned Miss America 2014!

Miss-New-York(PCM) Nina Davuluri. is the second consecutive contestant from New York to win the Miss America pageant. Davuluri’s reign succeeds former Miss America winner Mallory Hagan. This year’s pageant was held once again in Atlantic City, NJ after being held in Las Vegas, NV for the past six years. Davuluri is the first Miss America winner to be of Indian decent, which stirred up quite a bit of backlash on the web after last nights competition. It is a shame and saddens us that some people in our country can still be so close-minded. For her talent Davuluri performed a Bollywood dance number and during the Q & A section of the pageant spoke about plastic surgery and the ways the pageant has been evolving over the years. This morning Davuluri began her reign with the traditional early morning photo shoot in the Atlantic City surf before going over to the scene of the horrific boardwalk fire in Seaside Heights, NJ ┬áthis afternoon.