Do You Miss Drive-In Theaters? New Company Wants To Bring Them Back With A Twist

(PCM) A new company based out of Nashville, TN called August Moon has come up with a brilliant idea that would allow drive-in movie theaters to make a comeback in a big way. ¬†They have come up with the perfect way to play on the nostalgia factor that appeals to many drive-in theater fans but add a few modern twists to bring it up with the times. The August Moon drive-in theater will actually be an indoor theater that is housed inside of large dome shaped structure. You park your car outside the theater just as you would a regular movie theater, however once inside the decor will look exactly like a 1960’s drive-in theater. The theater will feature chairs that look like 1960’s vintage cars and there will even be live trees, gravel pathways, fireflies and the projection of a star-filled night sky on the ceiling to give it the added feel of a real drive-in theater.

It will certainly make going to the movies feel like a real event and it is amazing the amount of detail they are putting into this project. If you don’t want to sit inside of a vehicle there will be additional seating options available, as well as, swings and private tree houses. The food available will be the same as a 1960’s drive-in offering hamburgers, milkshakes, and french fries and there will be live music in the theater’s lounge after the movie.

The theater plans to play classic films that you can’t see in other theaters, as well as, new releases. The theater is going to cost an estimated $10 million to build and feature the largest non-IMAX screen in the States. We think this sounds like an amazing idea and project and just hope that they will be able to afford to open additional locations around the country if the first one, which is slated to open later this year, is a success.