Minnie Mouse And Hello Kitty Throw Down In Times Square


(PCM) It is not everyday that you witness two beloved children’s characters, Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty, involved in a knock down brawl in the middle of Times Square in NYC.  That is just what happened recently, when two women who were portraying these lovable characters got into a violent altercation over tips that ended with them both under arrest. The women who play the characters were identified as 34-year-old Sandra Mocha and 40-year-old Giovanna Melendez. Both women were broken apart, handcuffed and charged at the scene with assault. Many children and tourists love posing with these cartoon characters while visiting Times Square, although there has been some recent controversy over the practice as many of these “characters” demand payment after the photo has already been snapped. Despite the controversy they are still a major attraction to young children, however many children were left traumatized seeing Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty duke it out and even more horrified when both characters ripped their fake heads off further escalating the altercation.