Middle School Students Get Pepper Sprayed for Not Clearing Halls

Yes, you read that right. Middle school students from Pine Bluff, Arkansas were hospitalized after a “school resource officer” deliberately used pepper spray to clear a crowded hallway. One student named Faith Forney recalls: “Not knowing he was going to spray it, I walked straight into it. Everybody started hollering and we had people just gagging and throwing up and everything and I’m like what’s going on?” What’s worse – the officer responsible for such a stupid, irrational abuse of authority wasn’t even fired! In fact, it’s almost as if the Superintendent is defending the behavior.  The pepper spray was pointed at the floor, not the kids, stated Superintendent Jerry Payne, adding that the students were taking too long to get to class and the pepper spray did clear the halls. WHAT??? It’s been reported, however, that his future at the school will be decided next week, and I think it’s safe to say there are going to be a lot of angry parents if he isn’t fired.