Microsoft Unveils First New Console In Eight Years!

(PCM) It has been eight long years since Microsoft has released a new gaming console, but that is about to change with the unveiling of the brand-new Xbox One!

The Xbox One is the successor to the ever popular Xbox 360 and will offer more gaming features than ever before! While stylistically the new system appears a bit on the bulky side, much of the new technology promised to be incorporated within the new system should hopefully more than make up for it’s less that sleek or compact size. The entire system will be voice activated meaning you can instantaneously switch between watching TV or movies to game play, just by speaking to the console. It will also come with a brand new Kinect sensor that only takes 13 billioniths of a second to recognize you and react. You will also be able to use these gestures through the Kinect to control your various forms of media. The systems “Snap” mode will allow users to use two forms of media at the same moment such as watching a movie while browsing the internet or take Skype calls while playing a game. The Xbox One will combine three operating systems which are Xbox, Windows, and a go-between and features an 8 core CPU and 8 gigabytes of memory. Another new feature is a DVR included within Xbox Live that will make it easier than ever before to share clips. There will also be some big changes with the games themselves. Microsoft and EA Sports have started an exclusive partnership and there will be a new game engine called “Ignite” that showcases some absolutely incredibly graphics. There will also be a new game entitled “Quantum Break” that will somehow incorporate the worlds of both television and gaming, something we have been waiting to see for quite sometime. The Xbox One is set to be released later this year, and definitely expect Microsoft to reveal even more details at theĀ  upcoming E3 convention next month, so stay tuned!