Microsoft Designed AI To Auto-Caption Photos And The Results Were Disastrous!

(PCM) It appears that Microsoft has not been having much luck in the AI department these days, as their teenage AI Twitterbot “Tay” was turned into a sex-crazed Nazi supporter and now after unveiling their new AI based auto-caption program for photos, the results were hilariously disastrous! The plan for “Captionbot” was that it is supposed to be able to accurately describe any photo you show it by providing a detailed caption explaining what is happening in the photo. Let’s just say that obviously many of the kinks have not yet been worked out of the program as it has been captioning majority of photos with nothing even remotely close to what is being pictured and the results are downright ridiculous. Here are a few gems below:

Captionbot5 Captionbot2

Captionbot4 Captionbot3 Captionbot1