Michael Jordan’s Flu Game Shoes Sell For Over 100K

Jordans1(PCM) It is unbelievable that someone has this much money to drop on a pair of shoes, even if they are Michael Jordan’s famous “flu game” sneakers. It has been reported today that the shoes fetched $104,765 in an auction run by Grey Flannel Auctions. The story behind the shoes and their previous owner Utah Jazz ballboy Preston Turman is that Turman acquired the shoes after the famous game in the 1997 NBA finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. The game because referred to as Jordan’s “flu game” because he scored 38 points all while battling a nasty bout of the flu or a case of food poisoning depending who you ask and led the Bulls to a 90-88 win and a 3-2 advantage in the series. Turman, who had earned the trust of Jordan earlier in the season by crafting up his pre-game meal of apple sauce and graham crackers, had the same pre-game meal waiting for Jordan when he arrived for the game that night. Based on their acquainence over the odd food pairing, Turman garnered up the courage to ask Jordan if he could have his shoes after the game. Jordan agreed and even stopped the teams equipment manager for packing away the shoes. Jordan was famous for wearing a new pair of sneakers for every game throughout his career. Once Jordan was dressed and ready to leave he autographed the shoes for Turman and turned them over. The price nabbed for these shoes blows away the amount made in a previous auction for game-worn Jordan sneakers from the star’s rookie year that only brought in about $31,000. Turman provided bidders with an image of himself taken by Jordan’s bodyguard standing with Jordan as he signed the shoes and feels that it certainly made bidders more comfortable in knowing that the shoes were truly authentic.