Michael Cera is Not Loving Superfame

There isn’t much doubt that Michael Cera is on a fast track to uber Hollywood stardom. The young, nerdy actor got his start in the underappreciated TV comedy, Arrested Development,and continued to make a name for himself in movies like Juno and Superbad. This Friday, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, arguably Cera’s most anticipated film, hits theaters. Last month, Scott Pilgrim, got wide approval from Comic-Con fans and buzz surrounding the film has yet to let up. The graphic novel adaptation is Cera’s one way ticket to super fame. So, how does the actor feel about all this attention he’s been getting from fans? Actually, he feels a bit uncomfortable with the whole thing. Cera recently recalled a creepy encounter with one female fan. The women ran into Cera outside a Los Angeles theater and asked for a hug and then proceeded to give him one before he could answer. The actor told Rolling Stone, “I pulled away from her. And the cigarette smoke was just falling out of her mouth. It was such a scary image. And then I saw her pull her shirt down for some other guy. There was something demonic and terrifying about it. She was completely crazy.” Cera says the incident has made him more cautious with face to face encounters, which will probably be smart if Scott Pilgrim ends up being the cult-like success everyone’s anticipating. Article written by Desiree Roughton on GotchaMovies.com. Reposted with permission.