Merriam-Webster Sincerely Hopes That This Word Will Not Become The Word Of The Year


(PCM) At the end of the year the folks over at Merriam-Webster reveal their annual Word Of The Year and they are holding out hope that one word in particular will not be crowned this years top search.  The dictionary revealed in a series of tweets that they are sincerely hoping that the word “Fascism” will not be the Word Of The Year. Unfortunately due to the sheer number of searches for the word, it looks like they unfortunately will not get their wish.  Merriam-Webster claims that “Fascism” is still currently their number one most searched word. They also informed their followers that the number of look ups equals how they choose the Word Of The Year, so they are informing users that there is still time to build up some different searches.  There does seem to be a trend between politics and the Word Of The Year, especially during election years as the Word Of The Year for 2012 was “Socialism” and the Word Of The Year for 2008 was “bailout” … see the trend here!  Some users are having fun with the search and attempting to make words such a “Puppies” or “Kittens” the Word Of The Year, but so far it looks like “Fascism” is hanging on.