Mary J. Blige Joins With Belvedere Vodka and (RED)™ To Help Save Lives

“Mary J is in the spot tonight, and she will make you feel alright.” Well, she made everyone feel alright on February 9th at the Belvedere Vodka’s pre-Grammy party at Avalon to celebrate its partnership with (RED)™. The night was held to raise money and awareness to help fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, which is (RED)’s main mission. Other Hollywood stars that attended the event included: Chelsea Handler, Sophia Bush, Forest Whitaker, Paris Hilton, MC Lyte, Kelis, Melody Thornton, Malin Akerman, Charles Gibb, John Sykes, Sam Trammell, Natasha Bedingfield, and DJ Skrillex. Okay, I am out of breath! But, it is wonderful to see so many people come out to celebrate such a great and worthwhile cause. Blige said she has always been a supporter of (RED). “Helping to give people awareness about AIDS and save lives, I mean, why wouldn’t I be a part of something like this,” she commented. Blige also spoke about her pick for Grammy artist of the year. “I am rooting for Adele. She’s a real artist with real songs.” Sophia Bush also had much to say about the foundation. “I think Red is one of the best organizations working in the world right now,” she commented. “When you look at the revenue they’ve generated in the last 5 years, and the way they are sort of affecting conscious consumerism, I think that this is really the future of the whole model.” She added, “I think that the goal that Red has established in trying to end mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015 is incredibly important and it’s doable. And, it’s a wonderful thing when you see an organization like this taking a party that would be happening anyway and using it as a platform to raise awareness, we’re using music for a cause here and I think that that’s something that really resonates with people.” Blige turned the house into a “Dancery” when she performed some of her classics such as (my favorite) “Family Affair.” Sheila E. also sang her song, “The Glamorous Life,” and had fun rocking out on the drums. Overall the evening was a success, raising awareness and raising people out of their seats to get themselves on the dance floor.