Marshawn Lynch is Missing The Super Bowl

marshawn-lynch-crotch-grab(PCM) Seattle Seahawks franchise back Marshawn Lynch doesn’t like the press. Other famous players have also hated the press. Some recall Hall of Fame left handed pitcher Steve Carlton of the Philadelphia Phillies refused any contact with the press for years in the clubhouse. For the record, Carlton didn’t have the same rules as players today, he was able to genuinely avoid the press. Marshawn Lynch cannot. Players have every right to dislike press. After all, media in general operates in a cycle, make someone a star, then tear them down. Build them up again. The cycle can repeat over and over because newsworthy people are either a celebrity on the rise, or a celebrity on the decline. Marshawn Lynch is aware of that. While many call his required press time antics genius, there is something sad to be said for Marshawn. It’s the life experience of where he is in life. Most recently, he’s missing the Super Bowl. Of course he’s not going to physically miss out, and yes he is playing too. Yet most people never get to experience popularity, popular events or notable achievement. Marshawn Lynch is missing the Super Bowl experience. Sure he has a right to privacy. Reaching superstar heights in the NFL seems to obviously force you into the spotlight. Why not enjoy it? There is no doubt Marshawn’s current position makes it clear he’s not happy. And that is sad. marshawn-lynch-crotch-grab-cardinalsHe’s not a bad person, he’s avoided that image despite his crotch grabbing in the endzone slights. When some sly reporters have asked him about his charity work, he’s broken from his pat “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” routine to instruct reporters to come to those events and he’ll talk about those causes. Marshawn isn’t a fool, but he is a clown. Much of his street laden talk shows he’s a humble man that may have social anxiety issues, and if that is true he would do well to expose that openly and he’ll get less and less reporters coming at him forcing him to do his blank stare and no answer routine. Until his clears this up, he’s making himself look somewhat the fool. It’s hard to argue that he’s not. Marshawn is no genius. He’s a football player that’s as much known for his behavior towards the press as he is for performing off the field. When he’s not longer a player, his in jeopardy of his press behavior legacy overshadowing his on field accomplishments. marshawn-lynch-super-bowlMarshawn Lynch is missing the Super Bowl. Instead of spending this week bonding with fans through the press, he’s angry in his isolation. Yes, he has family that loves him and knows him for who he really is. That is not the point. The point is the Super Bowl experience is something few ever come in contact with.  Marshawn Lynch may appreciate his accomplishment of making it to the Super Bowl and perhaps winning it too, but years from now he’ll understand that he enjoyed much less than he could have. He’ll wish he could step back in time and do it differently. Marshawn understands the media. He knows he can’t control what others write, and he may even fear it a bit, which is why he won’t speak to them. He feels the less he gives them, the less they can change, get wrong or worse. What Marshawn doesn’t understand is the media will going to write things regardless. He’s a celebrity, like it or not. Why not enjoy it instead of fight it, as he may never reach a Super Bowl again.