Marilyn Monroe And JFK Sex Tape Will Not Go To Auction

Marilyn-Monroe1(PCM) The auction for the alleged sex tape that features a threesome between Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert Kennedy has been cancelled after the owner of the tape was able to settle his $200,000 court debt. The news about the tape made headlines when it was seized by authorities after it’s owner former bodyguard and memorabilia collector, William Castleberry, defaulted on a debt owed to the courts. An unknown person stepped up an settled Mr. Castleberry’s $200,000 debt and now his items, including the alleged sex tape have been returned to his possession. Mr. Castleberry recently admitted to RadarOnline that the 8mm film reel showed Marilyn Monroe engaging in sexual intercourse with both John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. Castleberry claims that he never went public with the tape out of respect to Monroe’s former husband, baseball player Joe DiMaggio. A private eye named Fred Otash, who was hired to Monroe to record her phone calls, admits to spying on her alleged affair with JFK and admits to filming the tape in question. Also, an attorney for the plaintiffs in Castleberry’s previous lawsuit over selling a fake statue reveals that he did see an 8mm tape among Castleberry’s belongings that were seized, but he did not see the tape and could not verify its’ content.