Marijuana Policy Project Purchases Super Bowl Billboards


(PCM) In a move that is stirring up a bit of controversy the Marijuana Policy Project has purchased several billboards around MetLife Stadium where this year’s Super Bowl will be held urging the NFL to relax its treatment of marijuana usage. The billboards feature color schemes that match the two teams playing the big game the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and oddly enough the states from which both teams hail recently legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The message on one of the billboards alludes to the fact the marijuana is safer than both alcohol and football itself. While another compares the number of marijuana-related arrests to Super Bowl attendance. A counter shows 749,824 arrests for marijuana in 2012, compared with 751,203 attendees at the last 10 Super Bowls combined. The anti-legalization group Smart Approaches to Marijuana has responded by posting up their own billboard based on the message marijuana makes you unmotivated and lazy. Looks like it is more than just the teams in the Super Bowl who are battling it out this weekend. The organzation behind the billboards also plans to deliver a petition to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell requesting that the NFL stop punishing players for marijuana usage. Goodell did recently mention that the NFL was considering some of its’ marijuana polices to allow for medicinal use, as research shows it to be beneficial to treating head injuries.