How Many Nuns Are Really In This Photo? Join The Debate!

(PCM) A clever commuter was able to capture a photo that features what they believed to be seven nuns waiting around at the Seven Sisters tube station in London. Seriously, how perfect is that pun, seven sisters waiting at Seven Sisters? It’s wonderful, except for the fact that some eagle-eyed internet user had to go an ruin everything by pointing out that there may actually be an eight nun pictured in the photograph.

Upon closer inspection of the photograph, you can just barely see what would possibly be the arm and a small section of her habit peeking out from behind a pole. She appears to be sitting on the bench. Some are even claiming that there could indeed be even more nuns waiting on the platform that we can’t see, but yet, does this make the seven sisters at Seven Sisters statement any less true? At the end of the day there were still at least seven nuns waiting at the station. The photo was snapped by Ben Patey who told the Independent UK, ““I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I looked across and saw the nuns and the sign,” he said. “I had to do a double take. It was one of those strange, but amusing moments.” As part of the London Underground, according to the Independent the Seven Sisters station takes its’ name from a group of trees that were planted in the area around the 14th century. It is said that they may have been planted by seven sisters who were going separate ways. How many sisters do you see in the photograph? And how many more ninja-like nuns could be hiding out of frame?