Man Suffers Heart Attack at the Heart Attack Grill

An unidentified man in his 40’s suffered a heart attack at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, NV. The customer was eating a Triple Bypass Burger when he had chest pains, started sweating profusely and stuttered his words. EMTs took him to a nearby Las Vegas hospital. The hospital-themed restaurant is know for its unhealthy food; a sign on the front door states, “Caution: This Establishment is Bad for Your Health.” The wait staff wear sexy nursing uniforms when they serve burgers, fries cooked in lard, and butterfat shakes. Diners have the option of being outfitted in hospital gowns. Customers that weigh over 350 lbs eat for free, and the restaurant’s website says that the “taste is worth dying for.” What’s in a Triple Bypass Burger? 3 half-lb burger patties with the buns dipped in lard, 1/2 red onion cooked in lard, a whole tomato, 15 pieces of bacon, cheese and special sauce. All for 6000 calories. The Quadruple Bypass Burger weighs in at 8000 calories. Tourists thought they were seeing a publicity stunt, and were taking pictures and videos of the customer, who is reportedly recovering. This gives “to die for” a whole new meaning.