Man Sues British Airways For His Trip To Grenada Rather Than Granada

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(PCM) It is easy for some of us to confuse the gorgeous Caribbean Island of Grenada with the Spanish city of Granada…I mean seriously it is only the difference of one letter….but for an airline to make that mistake, it is definitely a little concerning. Edward Gamson, an American dentist, was planning a trip the Spanish city of Granada but instead found himself on the Caribbean Island of Grenada during his recent vacation and he is now suing the airline for the mix-up. Gamson was booked on what he assumed was a two-hour flight from London to Grenada, but instead found himself on a nine-hour flight to the island of Granada. He claims that he made it very clear with the booking agent when he planned the trip that he wished to travel to the Spanish city as he has an incredibly strong interest in Islamic art. He also says his return flight was book from Lisbon back to America, so it would truly make no sense for him to want to end up so far away in the Caribbean. Gamson and his traveling partner spent $4,500 on the first class airline tickets which British Airways refused to reimburse. He is now in the process for suing the airline for $34,000 in damages. ┬áNo word yet on the response from British Airways regarding Gamson’s lawsuit. We know he was planning on enjoying Grenada in Spain, but there are definitely worst places he could have ended up than a gorgeous tropical island!