Man Killed For Texting In A Florida Movie Theater

FL-shooting1(PCM) In a very tragic turn of events a Florida man, Chad Oulson, was shot and killed at a movie theater for texting during the previews. The shooter, Curtis Reeves, and Oulson exchanged heated words during a preview screening of the film “Lone Survivor”. Reeves claims that he felt something hit his face and was acting in self-defense when he allegedly reached into his pocket and pulled out a pistol shooting Oulson in the face and his wife, who was sitting next to him, in the hand as she was trying to calm down the situation. Oulson was heard yelling that he was only sending a text to his young daughter’s babysitter. Prior to the shooting Reeves did exit the theater in an attempt to find a manager who would come in and stop the texting, however witnesses say when he returned to the theater he appeared more aggravated and was not accompanied by a manager. Police say Reeves, who was a former police officer, pulled the pistol and shot once. Witnesses say as the victim was gasping for breathe and fell on top of two other patrons, Reeves turned around and sat back down before an off-duty officer charged him and got a hold of the gun, which had jammed. Oulson passed away at the hospital and his wife’s injury was non-life threatening. In a strange twist in events, Reeves son, who happens to be a Tampa police officer, was just arriving at the theater to meet his father and mother when the crime took place. When he arrived he had absolutely no clue that his father had just shot and killed a man. Reeves recently made his first appearance in court since the incident occurred and is claiming that is was Oulson who was the aggressor in the altercation and he feared for his own safety. Police said despite Reeves’ claim that he was in fear of his safety, this was not a case for Florida’s “stand your ground” defense. Police say there was no actual physical contact between the two and it was popcorn thrown by Oulson that Reeves felt hit his face in the theater. Reeves is currently being held without bond and is facing a second-degree murder charge that could result in life imprisonment.