Man Discovers One Song That Fits Perfectly To Every Single Film Ending No Matter What Genre!


(PCM) Peter Salomone apparently has a lot of free time on his hands as he has discovered a single song that works perfectly to conclude just about any film you could imagine, no matter which genre. He tested his experiment, called “The Walk Of Life Project” with horror, silent films, comedy, family, sci-fi and even the TV show “Friends” for good measure and it works perfectly each and every time! Salomone has revealed that the Dire Straits song “Walk Of Life” is the perfect ending to any movie and for the project he seamlessly edited¬†famous film endings with the delightfully catchy Dire Straits tune. The results are both hilarious and mind-blowing, as it is unbelievable just how well it actually works. It is true amazing to watch the universal language of music speak through the images on the screen! Some of our favorites are: Silent Film: Modern Times

Action: Mad Max Fury Road

Horror: The Shining

Drama: Lost In Translation