Man Attacks Women with Sword and … Peanut Butter Sandwich?

(PCM) Who knew peanut butter could be so dangerous! A 50-year-old man from Winter Haven, Florida was arrested earlier this week after allegedly attacking three women with a sword and a peanut butter sandwich, according to deputies. Mark Christopher Miller heard a commotion outside his home on U.S. 92 West, and went outside, armed and ready with the sword and peanut butter sandwich. According to ABC News, he began threatening the women, poking his sword at a pregnant woman’s stomach and smearing his sandwich on another woman before police arrived. But he must have regretted wasting his lunch on the woman because just moments later while being taken to jail, Miller began eating the padding inside the patrol car with his teeth! None of the women were harmed in the attack, but might be scarred for life from peanut butter sandwiches.