Madonna’s Not the Only Material Girl Out There

Madonna recently teamed up with her daughter, Lourdes Ciccone, to create a clothing line, “Material Girl,” sold exclusively at Macy’s.  But they’re already running into some legal trouble. The fashion company, L.A. Triumph Inc., has filed a lawsuit against Madonna and the company for using the name “Material Girl” which they claim has been registered on their own line of juniors clothing since 1997 and being sold in large retailers like Nordstroms. The L.A. Triumph “Material Girl” line has sold millions of dollars worth of merchandise since their inception, but with both “Material Girl” lines selling clothes in roughly the same price range, the lawsuit wants to prevent any same-named competition. L.A. Triumph not only wants Madonna’s new line to be marked as “deception,” according to the lawsuit, but also wants to be paid all the profits that have been generated by the clothing line.