Love Her Or Hate Her But Don’t Forget Her On National Mother In Law Day!


(PCM) Celebrated annually on the fourth Sunday in October, Mother In Law Day is a day to celebrate that special woman who gave birth to your spouse. Even if the two of you fail to see eye to eye majority of the time, for one day, place your differences aside and try to find some time to bond today.

Perhaps you could send a bouquet of flowers, set up some dinner plans, drop a card in the mail, or even make a quick phone call just to let your Mother In Law know that she is on your mind.

Mother In Law Day was first celebrated in Amarillo, Texas on March 5, 1934 and was initiated by the Amarillo newspaper. The holiday was later moved to the month of October where it has been observed ever since on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Mother In Law Day is very much modeled after Mother’s Day and is definitely the perfect chance to show your Mother In Law the true appreciation she deserves.