‘Louisville Slugger’ Takes on New Meaning

A Kentucky mother allegedly punched her 10-yr old son…during an anger management meeting on Saturday. Misty Lawson, 30, of Louisville, KY, was attending an in-home counseling session with her son when she began hitting him in the face. The counselor, who was right next to her, called the police as well as Child Protective Services. The police report states that the child had “redness to the eye, a knuckle bruise on the right cheek and bruise on the side.” Lawson says she smacked her son twice after he called her a “b####.” “They make it sound like I beat  my child like an adult.” Lawson also said he has major behavioral problems, and she was defending herself.  (Again, he is 10 years old). This is hardly Lawson’s first brush with the law. In June, 2011, she allegedly left her son, then 9, and a 12-yr old girl in a hot car while she and her boyfriend went into a store to have their pictures taken. Prosecutors decided to drop the charges from that incident. Other priors include receipt of stolen property, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and contempt of court. Two boys were removed from Lawson’s custody after the latest incident, and she was released on her own recognizance after being charged with 4th degree assault.  Mother of the Year candidate…NOT!