Looking For A Good Time Killer? Create Your Own Virtual 18th Century Wig!

(PCM) We are always in search of a new internet time killer, so we were thrilled to discover the oddly satisfying site that allows you to design your very own elaborate 18th century wig. The online tool was created by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and it is highly addicting. Users can choose from multiple designs and accessories to adorn their virtual wigs and the museum also provides some fun historical factoids about the time period as well. You can try it here! For instance, did you know that to create these elaborate hairstyles a person’s hair was actually built from padding and various hair pieces that could be either human or horse. Also, disgustingly enough, pigs fat was used to create a gooey paste to keep the hair style in place. (We will never complain about drugstore hair gel again) Check out our design below and then give it a try yourself!