Long Island Student Accepted Into All Eight Ivy League Universities!


(PCM) Many students out there dream about being accepted to one Ivy League university, but how about being accepted to all eight! This incredible feat was recently accomplished by 17-year old student Kwasi Enin of William Floyd High School near Long Island, NY. Enin has received acceptance letter from¬†Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale. Just amazing! Enin recently revealed to Newsday that he is leaning towards Yale as they embody the kind of things he is looking for in a college. “The family. The wonderful education. The amazing diverse students, as well as financial aid” are all swaying him in Yale’s direction. Enin scored an incredible 2, 250 on his SATs which launched him into the 99the percentile, however he was still not banking on being accepted to all eight prestigious universities. Enin plans to study medicine and perhaps would like to be a¬†cardiologist or neurologist.