Lindsay’s Time is Running Out

With only four days left, Lindsay Lohan is feeling worried about spending 90 days in jail.  In trying to stay out of a cell, Lohan has hired a new attorney…O.J. Simpson’s to be exact.   Bob Shapiro is Lindsay’s new representative after Shawn Chapman Holley quit. Shapiro has plans to keep her out of jail. Yesterday, she checked into Pickford Lofts and hopes that, when Shapiro speaks to Judge Revel next week, rehab will be enough to keep Lindsay out of jail. Lindsay also plans on explaining to Judge Revel that she understands her mistakes and is committed to getting better. And, even though other celebrity inmates have gone to jail hours, even days, before they had to in order to avoid too much media, Lohan refuses to go until the last minute. Is Judge Revel going to let this one slide?