Lindsay Lohan Released from Jail

Lindsay Lohan was released from Lynwood Correctional Facility early Monday morning after serving 13 days of her three-month sentence. Her sentence was reduced for good behavior and then slashed again due to a program created to relieve jail crowding. Upon being released, Lohan was taken to a facility run by UCLA Medical Center to begin her rehabilitation treatment – supposedly for an addiction to methamphetamine and bipolar disorder. The Mean Girls actress was originally slated to enter Orange County-based rehab clinic Morningside Recovery at the completion of her 90-day sentence, but Judge Martha Revel changed the location after fearing information could be leaked about Lohan’s treatment (like the fact that she’s being recovering from a meth addiction and suffers from bipolar disorder).   Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Champman Holley says, “I have never seen any psych report concerning Ms. Lohan which references a ‘bi-polar’ diagnosis or an addiction to ‘methamphetamine.’ I think this is a total fabrication.” Lohan could be sent back to Lynwood Correctional Facility if the court is notified of any additional probation violations during her treatment at UCLA’s rehab facility.