Lindsay Gets 90 Days in Jail After Violating Probation

Lindsay LohanAfter spending almost all day in the courthouse, Judge Revel has sentenced Lindsay Lohan to 90 days in jail. Within two days of being released, LiLo has to spend 90 days in a substance abuse program.  During that time, she will have to cooperate with probation and do routine drug tests as they see fit. After conferring, Lohan and her attorney requested two weeks before she had to surrender.  Judge Revel allowed it and set her surrender date to be July 20th at 8:30.  When Revel told her to keep the SCRAM bracelet on until then, Lohan got more upset.  And as her attorney began to argue the ruling and ask to have it removed earlier, Lindsay choked out, “Today!” Revel’s response?  “It’s just two more weeks.” During Lohan’s statement earlier in the hearing, she turned on the waterworks, complaining that she got the message and that, if someone had taken her aside and explained it to her in detail, she would have been there every week.  She thought that just making up for the times she couldn’t be there was in compliance. “I wasn’t expecting any special treatment,” she complained.  She went on to say that the only special treatment she got was that the program, Right On, worked around her job.  Except the court had told her before that going to the program every week was supposed to be her number one priority. “I really did think I was doing what I was supposed to do and I mean that with all my heart,” she choked through her tears. Revel saw right through her. When her attorney made the next statement, she told the judge that Lindsay should just be given the time to finish and that she’s “generally” in compliance with her probation.  She explained that Lindsay should be able to “just finish.”  Her attorney said that Lohan understood what she had done wrong and would finish the program and she would not do it again. Except she should have finished the program almost two years ago.  Her probation was extended because she wasn’t compliant. After the prosecution made their statement, with a little interruption when Revel told Lohan to stop talking to her lawyer and listen, Judge Revel began to read out all of the facts of the case from the first DUI until July 6th. Listening to all of Lindsay’s lies and uses of cocaine and alcohol all in one sitting was eye-opening.  It’s amazing how much she has done.  Throughout the DUIs and substance abuse, there were lies about drivers, lies about who’s pants she was wearing, lies about cocaine and then, Revel read the most true statement Lohan has ever said, “I’m not a good liar.”