Lil Wayne Tromps All Over American Flag In New Music Video Shoot!

(PCM) People are up in arms about recent footage that has surfaced showing rapper Lil Wayne stomping all over an American Flag during the filming of his upcoming music video for the track “God Bless Amerika” in New Orleans. At the start of the video, the flag can be seen hanging as a backdrop for the scene, then it is released and dropped to the ground and Lil Wayne continues his rap while stepping all over the flag on the ground. Many are taking this as an insult and a very disrespectful act against one’s country however others are claiming it is the rapper’s freedom of speech and expression…what do you think? ┬áDid Lil Wayne take it too far?

UPDATE: Lil Wayne has taken to his twitter account to address the flag stomping incident claiming that he did not notice the flag laying on the ground as he continued to perform. Many still have the opinion that Lil Wayne is trying to back pedal because of all the negative attention because he can clearly be seen several times in the video looking directly down at the flag and continuing to traipse all over the stars and stripes. Sure he is hoping that this one will blow over quickly!