Lil Wayne Free at Last!

Lil Wayne has been freed from jail after serving eight months in a gun case, and things couldn’t be looking better for the Grammy-winning rapper. Lil Wayne says he was never scared, or even bothered by the situation behind bars. In fact, he released his latest album, “I am Not a Human Being” while serving time in September.  It hit number one on the Billboard 200 last month. He was also featured in a number of hits over the last 8 months, recording verses over the phone at the Rikers Island jail complex! Lil Wayne pleaded guilty in October 2009 to gun possession, admitting he’d had a loaded, semiautomatic .40-caliber gun on his tour bus. His original sentence was for one year, but got 4 months knocked off for good behavior. He landed himself 1 month in solitary confinement, however, when headphones and a charger for an mp3 were found in his cell. The release of Lil Wayne has been one of the most anticipated events in the music industry this year. Fans showed their support and excitement for his return, with some die-hard fans even waiting outside the prison hoping to catch a glimpse of the star!In his Letter #10: The End of a Long Journey, Lil Wayne reflected on his journey, thanking all of his fans for their support: “As I greet you all in my last days on this island, I must reflect. I think back to when I first arrived and I had no clue of what I’d be experiencing. I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation. For that, I thank God, my family, and you, my amazing fans. I prayed for you all every night, as I’m aware that I was in your prayers as well. The very first day that I received mail, it was about 300 pieces or more! I smiled like a child of Christmas. But when I began to read them, my heart smiled. I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you.” That’s not all – he even has support from presidents! President Obama told Rolling Stone that he’s added Lil Wayne to his iPod, and when former President Bill Clinton was asked about his thoughts on Lil Wayne’s release from jail, he replied, “This guy’s smart. And he’s got abilities. And he’s got a new chance now. And what I hope is that this is not just something to brand him as a cool guy, but that it’ll never happen again to him.  What I hope will happen is that he has a good life now.” If you’re worried that your favorite rapper might have changed behind bars…don’t.   “I vow to continue to be me,” he promised. “I don’t have to change for no one, but God. I will be the same Martian I was when I left, just better.”