Let’s Take A Moment And Appreciate The Greatness That Is Justin Bieber Falling Through A Trap Door!


(PCM) We love a good viral video, especially when it involves a celebrity. Let’s all take a moment and appreciate the hilarity that is pop star Justin Bieber falling through a trap door on stage. Seriously, we must have watched this like a dozen times and it still doesn’t get old! The incident occurred during Bieber’s concert in Canada as part of his “Purpose” World Tour, when he was attempting to adjust his incredibly baggy pants/skirt combo and wasn’t watching where he was walking. Bieber was not seriously hurt in the incident and was able to immediately hop right back on the stage. He joked with the audience that he had reflexes like a cat and was luckily able to land on his feet.  Either way it was pretty hilarious! Check it out below: