Let Us Introduce You To ‘Sweater Dude’ The Internet’s Latest Obsession

(PCM) The internet’s latest viral obsession is “sweater dude” who has won over hearts by knitting sweaters that feature images of famous landmarks and places all over the world. After knitting the sweaters he then snaps a picture of himself actually wearing the sweater standing in front of the famous places. Kind of a simple concept, but isn’t that really all it takes to go viral these days? Images from “sweater dude” whose real name is Sam Barsky of Baltimore, MD, first began showing up on image sharing site Imgur where they were quickly shared via Reddit and the rest is viral history. Barsky claims that he first began the sweater making process back in 1999 and has knitted 103 different sweaters since that time. He has photographed himself wearing 91 of them thus far, but he definitely has plans to sport them all and continue make more in the future. Not all of Barsky’s sweaters feature famous landmarks or places, so are just everyday areas such as one featuring sets of power lines and another is mushroom decorations on a playground. We have to wonder if he will start taking requests, as we are sure folks on the internet could come up with some pretty good (or bad) ones!

Barsky claims that it takes him about a month or so to complete each sweater design and since going viral he has been receiving numerous requests about purchasing one of his designs. Unfortunately they are not for sale at this time, but hey, you never know what the future could bring. Happy knitting “sweater dude”… you rule!