Leaked Deadpool Test Footage from Comic-Con gets official release!

(PCM) Why should everyone at Comic-con get all the fun? First the leaked Deadpool test footage was put up on YouTube with all its bad cam glory for anyone to enjoy. But Marvel knew that if you can’t beat em’ join em’. Here it is in full digital HD! If you are a true Deadpool fan that you’ll forgive Marvel (actually Fox has rights) for getting Deadpool so wrong in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. From the test footage we can see it’s completely computer generated (CG), with Ryan Reynolds reprising the role from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. ¬†Prior to Wolverine’s release, Ryan swore he was meant for the part and really got “Deadpool”. ¬†Here he proves it. If you’ve played the Deadpool video game, you may be used to Nolan North’s voice. It seems Ryan may have even modeled some of his inflections and attitude based on North’s approach. That’s not true, you see the footage was shot in 2012, and the video game was released in 2013. As for the segment, it too captures the essence of Deadpool in all his R rated glory. Fans have been lamenting openly on the Internet for the past few years that Marvel and Hollywood would never have the guts to deliver Deadpool as he should be. R-rated. Could it be that Hollywood producers finally had the guts to say, “R is the only way to do this character, so let’s do it right.” Well, the producers of this short may think that way but ultimately it’s not been put into production because violence and humor at this level is too risky. The question is now, will Deadpool be just as R-rated for the X-Force movie?