Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari Still Hatin’

(PCM) Although most people probably don’t care about how some former reality stars feel about each other – I do! I was a dedicated MTV’s Laguna Beach fan, as the marathons gave me something to do as I cleaned my room on Sundays. Laguna Beach provided spin-offs such as The Hills and The City, but LB was where it was at. One of the major recurring “dramas” on the show was a love triangle between Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti, and Lauren Conrad. To give you a blast from the past, Colletti and Conrad were typical BFFS. You know, the ones where one person secretly likes the other one and that person just waits for the other to realize that they were actually meant to be together. In this case, I am referring to Conrad being in love with Colletti. However, Conrad did not anticipate Cavallari having owned some stock in the situation. (Wow, all of their last names inconveniently start with a “C”) Anyhoo, Cavallari had a continuous romance with the man of the hour. Seems he couldn’t decide between his long-time best friend, and his on and off again girlfriend. Fast forward many years later and they are all leading different lives. Colletti played Chase Adams on The CW’s One Tree Hill for five years. Conrad has established her own clothing line, which I personally buy at Kohl’s. And, Cavallari just had a baby boy named Cameron (ah another “C”) with husband and quarterback Jay Cutler. When Conrad was asked if she has any warm wishes for her former LB co-star regarding her new baby boy, she responded, “I don’t talk to Kristin anymore.” Ouch! Not even a, “Even though we don’t talk, I heard about the news and wish her the best of luck!” Yikes, stuff just got real!