LAPD Standoff With “Call Of Duty” Mannequin!


(PCM) The Los Angeles offices of video game developer Robert Bowling nearly became the real life version of one of his famous games. Bowling is the the former developer of the famed “Call Of Duty” video game series and was recently the unknowing victim of police stand-off set off by a “Call Of Duty” mannequin dressed in full combat gear that was visible through a building window. Sources say that Bowling’s offices had a panic alarm put in awhile back as a precaution against death threats (guess there are some angry/frustrated gamers out there) and as staff were leaving for the day the alarm system was accidentally activated. Bowling was left alone in the offices when police arrived and stormed the building, believing the mannequin was a real heavily armed¬† human being.¬† Don’t think there was a chance for the inanimate object to obey the ‘drop your weapon’ request from the cops! Bowling was taken in by police at gunpoint while they investigated the threat and situation, which was obviously put to rest rather quickly. We are sure everyone will have a good laugh about this one a few years down the road.