Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetics Company Receives A ‘F’ For Flop!


(PCM) The Kardashian/Jenner clan have always had their noses in various business opportunities throughout the fashion and entertainment realm. Some have been a success, while others, such as Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics company turn out to be a flop with a capital “F”. Kylie Cosmetics has just recently received an “F” grade from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is obviously the lowest rating a company can receive. The grade was given to the company mainly due to terrible customer service and complaints surrounding delivery and overall manufacturing. Kylie has not even had the company open for a full year yet and already there are close to 150 complaints from customers that have been reported to the BBB. ¬†On their official report the BBB states “Currently the BBB is receiving multiple complaints from this company’s customers claiming that after ordering and paying for products, some or all of the products are not being shipped as expected. The company’s refund policy states, “We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds. All sales are final.” However the company will replace missing items.” Many individuals have also been complaining about the overall quality of the products themselves and Kylie’s name is being mocked fairly harshly throughout the cosmetics industry. Guess, this is what happens when you allow an 18-year old girl to run a company and only proves that not everything the Kardashian/Jenner clan touches turns to gold!