Knut The Polar Bear Dies at 4

For fellow animal lovers like me this story is heart-breaking! According to People Magazine the world’s most popular polar bear, Knut (pronounced kuh- NOOT), died March 19. To make matters worse, he died in front of 600 of his fans, most probably children. He was playing on the rocks when he suddenly convulsed and fell into the water and didn’t resurface. The four year old polar bear was born at the Berlin Zoo in Germany and when he was rejected by his mother, Thomas Dorflein (who was his keeper) bottle fed him back to health and took the place of his mother. Zoo experts aren’t sure what actually caused Knut’s death, but they speculate that mutations that were seen on his brain could have caused it (most polar bears in captivity can live 20+ years). Fans around the world will miss him….RIP Knut!