Knife Discovered At Former Home Of OJ Simpson


(PCM) The news has just broken that a knife that was allegedly discovered buried on the property of OJ Simpon’s former home is being tested by police in connection with the 1994 double homicide of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The timing of this discovery is so ironic as the FX series “The People Vs. OJ Simpon” has been receiving rave reviews and certainly stirring up a renewed interest in the case. The Los Angeles Police Department held a press conference to discuss the newly discovered evidence saying “that the knife was turned over to investigators “within the last month” by a retired police officer. The officer — who was not identified — gave LAPD investigators the weapon after having it in his possession for an unknown amount of time. The police are also making sure that the evidence and story are legitimate and not something that is being made up. The retired officer claims that he was given the knife by a construction worker who was working on a project at Simpon’s former Rockingham estate who claims to have found it buried in a corner of the property. It is still being determined whether or not any administrative action could be brought against the officer for failing to turn over this evidence to the proper police officials. The knife is currently being tested for traces of any possible forensic evidence. Despite any evidence the police may or may not find on the knife, due to double-jeopardy OJ Simpson can not face any additional murder charges because he has already been charged for the crime in the same case. Police are still trying to determine if this case is bogus from the start, however they plan to explore all evidence presented.