Kirstie Alley Takes a Tumble

Look Who’s Falling! Kirstie Alley and Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy took a tumble last night on the live show during the first few seconds of their performance. This was one of the first falls in quite some time since the show has been on. With all of those intricate dance moves, twirls, and high heels we would have expected this to come a lot sooner or more frequently. Then again, it seems that the reason for the fall was described by Cmerkovskiy as his “thigh giving out.” Their rumba still looked elegant and graceful, earning them a score of 21, which was one point higher than their score last week for the quickstep. Whether they fall or not this 60-year-old has been proving herself to be quite the dancer, and comedian. After speaking to several people; it seems she is the one people wait the whole show to see. Maybe John Travolta gave her some lessons backstage back in the day.