KFC Announces The Return Of Colonel Sanders For New Ad Campaign


(PCM) KFC is gearing for the 75th anniversary of their famous Original Recipe fried chicken and to go along with the celebration they are bringing back their beloved spokesman Colonel Sanders for a new advertising campaign. The new Colonel Sanders character will be played by Saturday Night Live actor Darrell Hammond and is based off the the fast-food chain’s original founder Harland Sanders. The new ad’s, which can be viewed on YouTube, feature Colonel Sanders wondering about all the new technology that has been developed since he has been gone such as double-sided tape and cargo pants. The new KFC campaign for the 75th anniversary celebration will also include TV ad’s, a new website, new packaging and of course a few new menu items. The company is also planning a redesign of their restaurants across the country over the next few years. The plan is for them to feature a more retro design and of course images of the beloved Colonel Sanders.