Kerri Walsh Jennings Wins Again Despite Pink Eye

(PCM) Kerri Walsh Jennings her gives partner a hug and kiss although she’s infected with pink eye! But although she doesn’t touch her children and her eye’s red and watery, Kerri won’t let it affect her and Misty’s performance in the London Olympics. While squinted through the match, dabbing her eye repeatedly with a tissue to wipe away the gunk and teardrops Misty and Kerri dominated Austria and have moved one step closer to securing the gold for the third time. The pair discussed changing their routine between points and before and after games, since they hug and slap hands after every point. But their attempt to stay healthy lasted only a few points before they decided it was silly and went back to their normal routine. Kerri has decided to skip the traditional pre- and post-match handshakes with opponents, although she hates to be rude. She explains to each opponent to make sure they know she’s not trying to be a jerk. “I really respect these girls and my whole thing is to give high-fives.” Kerry said, “I don’t want them to think I’m big-leaguing them or being a jerk. I didn’t want to infect them. I just didn’t want to leave any room for error.” At a media event, she declined to shake hands with a reporter and instead offered an “air high-five.” If we think Kerri looks bad, her husband looks much worse, almost like his eyes were beaten up. Both of their kids don’t have it yet, and Kerri is avoiding any contact with them, although she hate missing their love and comfort. She is taking antibiotics for the infection, but with an ever-growing list of banned substances she gets nervous every time she pops a pill. She is doing everything she can while being very careful to not break the rules of drug-testing. She said, “I’ve never taken anything, but if I can’t see I’m in trouble.” The doctors said the infection should last about 2 1/2 weeks, so she will have to deal with it through the finals. Although the pictures won’t look so pretty, Kerri is doing everything she can to stay on her normal game.