Kentucky Man Crashes Car To Get His Hands On Space Jam Air Jordans

(PCM) Police in Louisville, Kentucky report that a suspect crashed his car into the back of sneaker store City Gear in order to get his hands on several pairs of the newly released Space Jam Air Jordans.  We know that sneaker collectors lose their minds over new releases, but this is just ridiculous! The suspect, who has yet to be positively identified, allegedly crashed his car into the back side of the City Gear store creating a way to break in and steal the shoes which are in high demand.  The police report states that the suspect stole “lots” of the Air Jordan shoes, as they discovered several empty Air Jordan XI sneakers that the suspect left behind. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the incident.  It is not known whether the suspect was just an avid sneaker collector who wanted to get his hands on the very special Space Jam edition Air Jordans early or whether he was just some guy trying to make a quick payday by reselling the coveted sneakers online for a hefty price.  The special Space Jam Air Jordans are being released as part of the celebration marking the 20th anniversary of the release of the 90’s film “Space Jam” which starred basketball great Michael Jordan. The retail price on the sneakers will be approximately $220!  Best of luck trying to get your hands on a pair of Space Jam Air Jordans this holiday season, as they are selling out like crazy across the nation. Just be sure you don’t get too desperate and take this guys approach, as spending the holidays behind bars is not a good thing!