Katherine Heigl – Too Pretty to Run

Killers Movie Poster Katherine Heigl abruptly traded her TV doctor’s gown for the big screen, but apparently, the non action packed hospital setting is more her style. Heigl stars opposite Ashton Kutcher in the new summer film, Killers. It’s a story about a girl next store single girl who unknowingly marries a CIA agent. Kutcher, who also produced the film, was unenthused about Heigl’s participation in the romantic comedy’s action scenes and her persistent use of a stunt double. He even poked fun at the star, claiming she considered running to be a stunt. Heigl didn’t deny the claims noting, “Actually, I do, because it’s dangerous. I have bad feet and I have weak ankles. If you have to do it over and over again, you can hurt yourself.” Heigl’s high maintenance didn’t deter Kutcher’s confidence in his decision to star opposite the blond bombshell. “There are only a couple of leading ladies who do comedy like she does,” he confirmed. “She brings a lot to the table, and I need a funny leading lady.” Heigl’s on screen charm and girl next door looks seem to have convinced her she is in high demand. She quit Grey’s Anatomy 18 months early, complained her breakout movie debut, Knocked Up, was sexist, and complained about the long work hours (created to accommodate her schedule) while filming The Ugly Truth. She’s got the goods, but letting all this go to her head is sure to offer her a one way ticket out of Hollywood, just as she’s warming up.