Kate Gosselin – on the streets in NYC

July 6th sighting As my friend and I stolled off the subway down the streets of NYC, we came across a camera crew, which was a sight to see. There she was all dressed in black as skinny as can be, some of her kids were dressed in blue, and some  were miserable, yes sir ee. Kate Gosselin and her children, not a super star by any means, but definitely important in the media, I recongized them once at the scene… Ok enough with the rhyming.  I was headed to the GAGA concert with my best friend Stef, and happened to come across Kate and her kids. I’m not a huge fan but do watch her show occassionally. However I was starstruck. I always find it hard to believe a celebrity when I see one. Anyway, I took some shots. I was practically standing right next to her and the kids. The kids were sad looking, especially one of the twins, as I am sure they hate the cameras in their face and Kate was with her crew. They were coming out of Madison Sqaure Garden, where Gaga would be performing later that evening. I am assuming they were doing press release for the upcoming Kate Plus 8 series premiere. Kate looked really good, a tad skinny for a mom of 8, but hey if I can look like that after 8 kids, I’d be thrilled. Any who, enjoy the pics – nothing that amazing but atleast I can say I stood next to Kate.