Kardashian Family Get Into An Auto Accident In Montana


(PCM) Perhaps we should now be referring to the Kardashian family and the Carcrashian family as they were recently involved in yet another automobile accident. This time Khloe Kardashian was behind the wheel and lost control while driving on a icy roadway in Bozeman, Montana. The vehicle, which was was carrying sister Kim Kardashian, niece North West and sister Kylie Jenner, spun out on the icy road conditions and ended up in a ditch. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident. According to the police report, the accident occurred because a semi-truck drove by the Kardashian’s vehicle kicking up a bunch of snow onto the windshield and Khloe was blinded from the road. She claims that she could not see and began swerving and ended up hitting a batch of black ice which sent the car spinning out of control, crossing on-coming traffic before coming to a rest in a ditch. This new Carcrashian family accident comes just two weeks after family patriarch Bruce Jenner was involved in a crash in California that left one person dead. Video has recently surfaced that shows Jenner started a chain reaction that led to the deadly crash.